Deploying Grafana to Openshift With Terraform

Docker Container

Infrastructure as code increases productivity and transparency. By storing the architecture configuration in version control, changes can be compared to the previous state, and the history gets visible and traceable. Terraform is an open source command line tool which codifies APIs into declarative configuration files. In this tutorial, Terraform is used to deploy Grafana to OpenShift, including the creation of a service, an external route, the deployment configuration, and persistent volumes.

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CSV to GPX Converter for

You have a file with final coordinates for some mysteries. Editing every geocache coordinate manually takes way too long. Therefore, I wrote a small application which converts a csv to a gpx file, and a user guide on how to automatically upload the gpx file to The provided GSAK macros automatically add or update the coordinates for each geocache.

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Using R in Java with Rserve

R is a free software environment for statistical computing. Rserve is used as a TCP/IP server to run R libraries from within Java. In this tutorial, I want to show you how to use the power of R in a Java application using Rserve.

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