Consulting: Projects

Client Desktop Application (since July 2017)

Position: Software developer: backend & frontend
Sector: Semiconductor manufacturer

  • New project setup with Webpack, Angular 4, and Electron
  • Cross-platform development with Electron
  • Refactoring of JavaScript and jQuery code to TypeScript and Angular
  • UI development with Angular 4, Material Design, and Kendo UI
  • Unit testing with Mocha and E2E testing with Spectron

Technologies: Electron, Angular 4, TypeScript, Mocha, Spectron, Kendo UI, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js
Tools: Visual Studio Code, Git, Jenkins, Artifactory, Webpack, JIRA (Scrum)

Frontend Client Desktop Application (since June 2017)

Position: Software developer
Sector: Semiconductor manufacturer

  • Desktop application:
    • Refactoring of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS code
    • Separation into domain-driven modules using the Handlebars tenplate engine
    • Functional programming features (such as map, reduce, filter)
    • Frontend: jump list navigation, dialogs (with jQuery UI)
    • Upgrade to HTML5 and CSS3 (such as CSS3 Flexbox)
    • Webpack setup for project bundeling (ESLint, Babel, ES6 support, and polyfills for older browsers)
  • Java backend:
    • Features for license management
    • UI dialog with Swing

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery UI, Handlebars, Java, Swing, SWT Browser, JSON
Tools: Visual Studio Code, Git, Webpack, NPM, Eclipse, JIRA (Scrum)