Consulting: Projects

Serverless Architecture for Big Data Application (since December 2019)

Architecture and implementation of a reliable and scalable serverless architecture with FaaS.

Position: Project lead / Fullstack developer

  • Frontend: Vue.js, Bootstrap, HTML, Sass, TypeScript
  • Backend: Golang, Rest, SwaggerUI
  • Infrastructure: OpenFaas, Openshift, Docker, Minishift
  • Authentication: Ping Federate, OAuth2
  • Authorisation: AD Groups / LDAP

Automated Self-service for IT Tickets (since August 2019)

Design and implementation of a webportal for automated self-service of typical support tickets, such as Jira project creation, Bitbucket project creation, etc.

Position: Project lead / Frontend developer

  • Frontend: Vue.js, Vuex, Bootstrap, HTML, Sass, TypeScript
  • Testing: Codecept, Jest, Puppeteer
  • CI/CD Pipeline with Bitbucket, Jenkins, Openshift Cloud Platform
  • Permission management with AD groups

Webportal for Customer Hardware Management (since April 2019)

Webportal for product registration and product resource lookup and download for external customers.

Position: Project lead / Fullstack developer

  • Authentication with PingFederate
  • Backend Microservices: Golang, HTTP, Rest API with Swagger
  • CI/CD: Openshift, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Docker, Infrastructure-as-code
  • Frontend: Web application with Vue.js (initially Angular 7), HTML, SCSS, Bootstrap, TypeScript
  • MySQL database and Flyway

Cross-Platform Desktop Application (July 2017 – August 2019)

Desktop application to automate and simplify recurring engineering tasks and to provide a software build and delivery automation platform that integrates major applications into the engineer’s workspace, such as Git, Jira, Bitbucket, and Artifactory.

Position: Frontend Lead AraCom / Frontend developer


  • Replacement of the legacy JavaScript/jQuery website with a modern cross-platform desktop application.
  • Desktop client with Electron, Angular, Typescript, Webpack, HTML, CSS, Angular Material.
  • End-to-end tests with Spectron and ChromeDriver
  • Unit tests with Mocha, Chai, Chai-as-promised, and Sinon.
  • Jenkins plugin for build steps and pipelines with Java, Jelly, Groovy, and Maven. Unit tests with JUnit.
  • Architecture documentation: UML, deployment diagram, use cases, class diagrams

Infrastructure / Backend

  • Microservice Architecture in Golang, Rest APIs (openapi/swagger), Openshift, Docker
  • MSSQL database
  • Monitoring: Kibana, Grafana, Elastic Search
  • Scrum, Visual Studio Code, Git (Gerrit, Bitbucket), Jenkins, Artifactory, Jira, Confluence

Frontend Desktop Application (June – November 2017)

“App-Store” for clients to get needed tools with one-click installation. Desktop application for simplified app development and distribution.

Position: Software developer Frontend


  • Proposal on how to improve the existing application
  • Refactoring of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS code
  • Separation into modules using the Handlebars template engine
  • Upgrade to HTML5 and CSS3 (such as CSS3 Flexbox)
  • Webpack setup for project bundeling (ESLint, Babel, ES6 support, and polyfills for older browsers)
  • Functional programming (map, reduce, filter)
  • Frontend: jump list navigation, dialogs (jQuery UI)


  • Features for license management (Java)
  • UI dialog with Swing

Tools: Visual Studio Code, Git, Webpack, NPM, Eclipse, JIRA, Scrum