University projects

Virtual Classroom Concept

Class room simulation with agents

Multimodale User Interfaces, Chair of Human Computer Interaction

  • Simulation of a class room and human interaction via Kinect sensor.
  • Implementation of the student behavior as multi agent system in XML. Visualisation in C#.
  • Java, C#, Kinect-Sensor, Gestenerkennung
  • Visual Studio 2010, Horde3D, Multi agent simulation Sesam

Friend Finder

Usability Engineering, Chair of Human Computer Interaction

  • Implementation of a public display concept for displaying contacts/friends on the campus. Interaction via gesture recognition through a Kinect sensor, RFID tags, or Android application.
  • Kinect, Android, RFID-Tags, Java, C#, Face Tracker
  • Android-SDK, Visual Studio, Eclipse

Interactive Game: Haunted House

Multimodal Interaction for Embodied Games, Chair of Human Computer Interaction

  • Implementation of a game in C# with the XNA Game Studio.
  • Assistance for the rehabilitation process of physical handicapped. Interaction with PDA HTC Touch and Wii remote controller, communication via Bluetooth.
  • Implementation of a smartphone app via Windows Mobile SDK 6.0. Extraction of the player from the webcam feed via SSI and DLL.
  • C#, XNA, Bluetooth, Wii Remote Control, Windows Mobile SDK 6.0, Gestenerkennung, Web Cam Extraction
  • XNA Game Studio, Wii-SDK, Visual Studio

Ride Sharing Manager (Automotive company, 2009)

Softwarepraktikum, Chair of Software Engineering

  • Conception and implementation of a ride sharing applikation under guidance of a big car company.
  • Communication between vehicle and Glassfish server via webservice over gSOAP.
  • Design and implementation of the human machine interface in the vehicle via XML.
  • Implementation of the web backend in JavaEE with JSF, JSP, and EJB.
  • Conception and implementation of the persistence layer with a MySQL database.
  • Glassfish Server, Webservice, gSOAP, J2EE, EJB, JSF, JSP, C++, MySQL, Google Maps
  • Netbeans, Visual Studio, Doxygen, JavaDoc­, Subversion

Interactive Guide for the Art Museum H2 in Augsburg

Multimediapraktikum, Chair of Human Computer Interaction

  • Augmented reality application for an art museum.
  • Simulation in Second Life. Interaction with the artwork via RFID/NFC through a smartphone app.
  • Persistence layer with information about the artworks realised with J2ME as aSQL database.
  • C#, Java, XML, J2ME, Nokia Series 40 SDK
  • EclipseME, Open SIM, MoPeDT toolkit for mobile phones, Second Life, NFC­, SVN